One technology for all fuels

Our technology platform enables the international fleet to become sustainable. We offer an efficient process targeted at reducing emissions from all fuels, minimising both air- and sea pollution for the maritime industry. It is a future-proof, plug-and-play solution for all vessels — reducing your global footprint today and in the future.


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Daphne Technology’s universal green converter

Daphne Technology’s universal green converter is installed onto marine vessels, as a plug and play solution, to remove toxic pollutants and GHG emissions from the engines and boilers exhaust gas. Our technology reduces both air and sea pollution for vessels powered by heavy/residual fuel, LNG and future fuels.

Our state-of-the-art patented technology is designed for the maritime industry so that marine vessels can meet, and even exceed, local and international IMO emission regulations.

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Using science to tackle environmental challenges

We are a multi-disciplinary team tackling the urgent global challenge of air emissions, produced by shipping fleets. Our team, including scientists, technology experts, engineers and designers are committed to developing revolutionary solutions and making an impact on global warming.

At Daphne Technology we are proud to be a part of securing the globe for future generations.

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