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Our crowdfunding press release generated significant interest worldwide. In the last few days, eleven leading publications picked it up to learn more about our climate tech startup.

May 25 2021

Daphne Technology brings a fresh perspective and an innovative solution to the relatively conservative maritime industry. Crowdfunding is a creative way for the public to invest in a cause they care about and a business at the front line of the fight against climate change and global warming.

We had an in-depth interview with The Motorship, which provides insight for marine technology professionals. The readers learned more about our vision and breakthrough technology.

"Founder and CEO of Daphne Technology, Dr Mario Michan, says that the marine industry's fuel transition is a smart move, but it needs to be recognized that as long as there is combustion involved in generating power, there will always be emissions. The aim of the green converter is to provide a means of dealing with those emissions. It is a plug-and-play solution reducing air and sea pollution for ships powered by heavy/residual fuel, LNG and future fuels such as ammonia, LPG and hydrogen.” 


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Lloyd´s Register awards Approval in Principle (AiP) for Daphne Technology’s SlipPure™ solution.

A variety of LNG carriers and LNG-fuelled ships will benefit from the Swiss - Norwegian company’s methane abatement technology, says the press release from Lloyd's Registers. We are proud to announce Lloyd’s Register also has granted Approval in Principle (AiP) to Daphne Technology for our methane abatement technology SlipPure

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DNV grants Approval in Principle (AiP) for Daphne Technology’s SlipPure™ solution.

DNV has granted an Approval in Principle (AiP) to Daphne Technology (DT) for the onboard installation of its methane abatement technology, SlipPureTM. The AiP was presented to Daphne Technology, today at the Posidonia Trade Fair in Athens, June 7th 2022.

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Piloting ammonia as fuel in shipping

Daphne is continuing the involvement in consortiums with key maritime industry stakeholders, with a common goal of driving new technological innovation and enabling an economically sustainable energy transition. We believe we can't reach climate goals working in isolation.

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Daphne at Nor-Shipping & shortlisted for the Award

Daphne will be attending Nor-Shipping with a strong team of our maritime experts and industry leaders. Daphne is also proud to be shortlisted to the Ocean Solution Awards, which will be unveiled at the Nor-Shipping's Ocean Leadership Conference.

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On the path to Zero Carbon emission

Daphne Technology is involved in several different pilots in the Green Shipping Program (GSP), focusing on advancing new technologies and solutions to decarbonise the maritime industry.

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Daphne Technology raises an additional 4 million from strategic investors.

Daphne Technology, a Swiss climate tech startup focused on solving the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) challenge, has raised an additional CHF 4 million from Swisscom, private investors introduced through UBS Growth Advisory, and ONE CREATION to scale up the company.

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