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Daphne Technology is one of the partners in the Green Shipping Programme and participates in the pilot "Ammonia as a fuel in shipping". The program aims to advance the Norwegian government's maritime strategies and plans.

February 21 2021

The programme's vision is to develop and strengthen Norway's goal to establish the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly shipping. The Green Shipping Programme perform studies, start pilots, and transfer knowledge between theory and practice. They facilitate dialogue and collaboration between all stakeholders. The Green Shipping Programme is an initiative by DNV GL to gather the maritime industry to escalate investment in green shipping.

Ammonia as a fuel in shipping

This pilot's initiative was taken by Color Line, the largest cruise ferry line operating on routes to and from Norway. The company is also one of the leading operators in Europe, providing transport for both people and cargo.

Although Color Line has a modern fleet, further measures and new solutions are needed if the company is to meet both international and national requirements for emission reductions by 2030.

The objectives of the pilot

The pilot aims to conduct a technical and economic study to look at the challenges and possibilities of using ammonia as fuel - in whole or in part.

Ammonia may be a possible future fuel for the maritime industry. Ammonia does not contain carbon and does not emit CO2, nor releases sulphur oxide. But ammonia represents other challenges. The substance is toxic and corrosive. Risk analyses and cost-benefit assessments for possible solutions and future use will be key challenges.

Daphne's delivery in the pilot

Even though ammonia is a possible future fuel for the maritime industry, that alone will not help us meet the targeted 50% reduction in GHG emissions across the global fleet by 2050. A significant risk factor facing today's shipowners and operators is the rapid pace of environmental regulatory change in shipping. Other regulations than those of today will be needed, and the industry needs to plan for that now.

Ammonia, as fuel combined with a multi-pollutant reduction technology such as Daphne Technology's universal green converter, which reduces emissions from all fuels, regardless of engine manufacturer and type, could be the optimal solution. Our green converter will give comfort and certainty that vessels will comply with local and global emissions regulations regardless of whether they are operating on ammonia or other future fuels.


The IMOs goal is to reduce total annual GHG emissions from international shipping by a minimum of 50% by 2050 compared to 2008. 

Daphne Technology is working towards being the world's first technology to provide a single solution for all forms of pollutant emissions in flue gas: SOx, NOx, CH4, N2O, and CO2.


For more information please contact our CCO, Mr Frode Helland-Evebø

For more information about the pilot, please visit "Ammonia as fuel in shipping" >> (website in Norwegian)

For more information about the Green Shipping Programme, please visit: In English >>  In Norwegian >>

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Piloting ammonia as fuel in shipping

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