Leading the clean air transformation; CTO Dr. William Ramsay, PhD

Our Chief Technology Officer was instrumental in winning the Horizon 2020 €2.5 million grant from European Union's research and innovation program. 

June 07 2021

Dr. William Ramsay is responsible for all the research and technology development at Daphne. He also oversees our growing patent portfolio. 

William's scientific background is multidisciplinary but has always revolved around chemistry. He completed his BSc in Chemistry at the University of Alberta, Canada, followed by Master and PhD degrees in Supramolecular Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. He also worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in chemical biology at the University of Oxford. Subsequently, William moved to Santa Barbara in California, the US, to help a startup develop wearable biosensors.

The family brought him back to Europe, Switzerland, and in 2019 William met Dr. Mario Michan (Founder & CEO, Daphne Technology) at the Swiss Institute of Technology (EPFL). They quickly realised they had complementary skill sets and shared the same vision, and the rest, as they say, is history.

William believes the technology platform (the ECOnverter) combined with Daphne's international and multidisciplinary team makes it a genuinely unique startup. The team consists of highly trained chemists, physicists, and power electronics engineers bringing breakthrough ideas to life; talented mechanical and naval engineers work on the engineering and product design; the sales and marketing team helps clients understand Daphne's products and services. 

Daphne's mission to reduce air pollution and contribute to a cleaner and healthier future is a powerful motivator for William to leverage his expertise.

William explains how the ECOnverter works: 

"High-energy electrons initiate chemical reactions in the exhaust gas to generate reactive species, which react with the pollutants. The reaction between the reactive species and pollutants produces non-hazardous products, which can be upcycled to create valuable by-products. For example, the ECOnverter simultaneously converts SOx and NOx pollutants (generated from burning HFO) to intermediate species that react with ammonia to produce ammonium sulfate and nitrate salts, which is an agricultural fertilizer. The reactions in the ECOnverter combined with our careful consideration of available chemical pathways enable the transformation of waste into value."

William and his team have brought the technology platform to the next level, making the ECOnverter a game-changer solution for emission reduction in the maritime industry. 

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Every challenge is surmountable; every problem has a solution; every goal is achievable.

Dr. William Ramsay
Chief Technology Officer

Daphne Technology secures strategic investments from Shell Ventures, Trafigura, AET and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures.

Daphne Technology, a Swiss climate tech startup addressing the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) challenge, continues to attract world leaders of the global economy. Investors in this round include Shell Ventures, Trafigura, AET, and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, all committed to limiting global warming.

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Daphne testing large-scale emission reduction technology at Ampegon

We are proud to announce the building of our first large scale emission reduction technology prototype test centre in Switzerland. Daphne's core technology to clean multiple forms of toxic pollution and GHG emissions are now set up in a test centre to continue the development and testing of Daphne's award-winning technology, an enabler to reach the Net-Zero goals of the future. 

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Daphne wins Innovation Award

Another fantastic week and achievement for the Daphne Team! Last week we made our first live event appearance since before the pandemic. Our CTO, Dr William Ramsay, presented on stage at the Envirotech For Shipping. Daphne was also awarded at the Ceremony, where we won the Maritime Innovation Award, voted by industry experts.

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Daphne Technology on the prestigious TOP100 SSU list

For the fourth year in a row, Daphne Technology was awarded a prestigious place on the TOP100 Swiss Start-Up list.

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Daphne Technology successfully closed its crowdfunding

We're delighted to announce that we have closed our crowdfunding. The response has been phenomenal, and as a result, we exceeded our funding target! We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who chose to invest in Daphne Technology. Your support means a great deal to us.

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Transitioning from startup to scaleup; CCO Frode Helland-Evebø

Daphne Technology works across borders and industries. Tackling climate change is a global challenge. To achieve Net-Zero by 2050, we need determination and strong collaboration around the globe. So Daphne turns to Norway as its second home, a world leader in developing low- and zero-emission solutions.

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